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$$$$$$$$$$$$ Save Money £££££££££££
Of course, being more economic with fuel and resources will naturally save you money.

Walking instead of driving, switching lights off when you are not using them.
There are many websites to give you this kind of advice.

These are not always easy to achieve.

Another way is to switch to lower cost Energy providers, there are many websites advertising that they can give you exactly this kind of advice.

Besides recycling, consider buying second hand (pre-owned) items, everything from baby-clothes to fridges,
if they are out-grown, but not worn-out.

This saves them going immediately to Land fill, and saves the cost of manufacturing new ones.

You can save yourself a fortune, and help save the planet at the same time.

Spending your holidays in the UK is another way to save money and the environment.
There are so many beautiful parts of the country to visit. An all-time favorite is the Lake District.

There is a wonderful cottage to stay at in Staveley, near Kendal, but unfortunately it is very popular, so you have to book a long way in advance. www.lakeland-cottage.co.uk

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