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Date VisitorTop Tip
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01-10-2014 Lillian With all the floods we are getting recently, it MUST be time to do something.
03-01-2014 kshitiz A gradual increase in the overall temp. of the earths atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of CO2,CFC's and other pollutants.
25-11-2013 sara Global warming is the average increase in the earth is temperature,which then caused changes in climate
17-12-2012 Kara
20-06-2012 H Regin Singh Please plant more and more trees
04-05-2011 Barat global warming is becoming a most important issue for all over the world. from the beginning of the twenty first century we concerned about it. we know very well about its result but till today we can't reach any reasonable solution. Bangladesh is the country which will harm most for the global warming.so i concern it very seriously.
20-04-2011 Dragon That's a mold-breaker. Great thkniing!
06-06-2010 shravan i really want to save my mother,'cause it is the only place where i live and she provide shelter and prevent me
11-05-2010 emma global warming is a serious problem that we should try and do something about im doing a project on it and need to no some concerns ThankYou emily
06-08-2009 Sahil
27-06-2009 REV JOHN MUTUKU KATUNDU why do we wait until the change takes ride on us let us rise up plant a tree per week to secure our future
12-05-2009 cindikya global warming in action!!!
15-04-2009 munjal patel One man One tree Every year
14-03-2009 sarah jane casia earth hour 2009.....this will on march 28, 2009 from 8:30-9:30pm lets switch off our lights
06-05-2008 ben hey this is ben i think that global warming is a lie. Why do u think that global warming is real. If you think that it is real then do something about it.
05-05-2008 Jeus Your mom is hot
01-04-2008 Lillian Wash your car by hand, using only two buckets of water, and park it on the grass. This saves: Fuel, Power, and Water, and waters the grass. It also helps keep you fit
15-01-2008 Valintino Hello, Your site is great, Regards, Valiintino Guxxi
07-01-2008 Marian Good work
10-12-2007 Yohan Dumpala
05-12-2007 Garrett Thomas These are some great tips for people who actually care about the world.
30-10-2007 sugesh
06-09-2007 Amanda Every-thing we do seems to be undone by someone not caring
09-05-2007 Ivan More people need to take action NOW
11-01-2007 Tolga DO SOMETHING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19-06-2006 Harlan Cleveland "This is the first generation in the history of the world that finds that what people do to their natural environment is maybe more important than what the natural environment does to and for them."
16-06-2006 David I love the world man!
11-06-2006 mum I was moved to action by David Attenborough

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